Monday, December 1, 2003

J.Post December 1: Cruelty in the IDF -- Cause and Effect?

Sir, - Larry Derfner correctly describes the cruel and humiliating treatment of Arabs at various checkpoints by some IDF soldiers. Derfner, however, further portrays the perpetrators of these acts as having entered the IDF as sensitive and well brought up kids from Givatayim.

Let us consider the following: Is marriage the cause of wife-beating and child abuse? Is the school the cause of violence and assaults on teachers? Are the roads the cause of the criminally reckless driving that is responsible for so much pain and death?

Are those soldiers who witnessed these terrible acts and remained silent out of fear of being labeled as 'bleeding hearts' to be considered innocents?

The common denominator is the unfortunate fact that those committing these acts started out cruel and sadistic and gave expression to their misanthropy when the opportunity presented itself. Let us unite in utter condemnation of these despicable acts and demand that appropriate punishment be meted out.

Let us be most profoundly concerned as to why our society is producing so much violent and negative behavior, and let us by no means make use of this concern in order to gain political points.

Petah Tikva