Wednesday, April 6, 2005

J.Post April 6: Baskin's One-Sided Apartheid Claims

Sir, - I am deeply disturbed by the content and tone of Gershon Baskin's 'A flashing red light from Malaysia' (April 5).

Baskin is described as the Israeli coordinator of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information, yet the Israeli side of the coin enjoyed no representation. He not only recounts Muslim diatribes against Israel, but he expresses his unequivocal support of them while totally ignoring the cost in blood, sacrifices and painful concessions that Israel is paying in the hope of achieving peace.

Baskin repeats the accusation against Israel of 'apartheid.' Apartheid was a policy of harsh discrimination based on a racist antipathy toward people of color and strictly enforced by law. All aspects of daily life in Israel - its hospitals, supermarkets, buses and its streets - testify to the utter falsity of that accusation.

Petah Tikva