Tuesday, March 7, 2006

J.Post March 7: Abandoning the Ideals of Religious Zionism

Sir, - I was profoundly disturbed by the headline 'Religious Zionist rabbi supports Kadima' that accompanied your photograph of the acting prime minister shaking hands with Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun (March 6). While Bin-Nun has the inalienable right to support Kadima, his expressed reasons for doing so seem totally unrelated to either religious Zionism or his rabbinic title.

There is no apparent concern about the erosion of democratic values, nor for the plight of the thousands 'disengaged' from their homes and livelihoods. No mention of either dismay or abhorrence over the terrible cruelty of the police at Amona is included in his unqualified endorsement of Kadima. Not even one single positive value is cited to explain the attraction Kadima has for the rabbi.

The reason Bin-Nun gives for supporting this party is his certainty that it will win the election and make the decisions, after which he will do his best to salvage what he can of the Jewish settlement enterprise.

In calling his religious Zionist peers 'escapists' while lending support to a party that has publicly stated its commitment to further major unilateral withdrawals, Bin-Nun not only shows his naivete but his apparent abandonment of any relationship to the ideals and ideology of religious Zionism.

Petah Tikva