Tuesday, April 1, 2008

J.Post April 1: Israeli Goodwill Gestures to the PA -- The Real Folly

Sir, - In 'The folly at Givat Ze'ev' (March 26) Amnon Rubinstein used his keen intelligence and legal knowledge to question the wisdom of expanding Jewish construction at this site, because doing so would antagonize our most important allies.

givat ze'ev jewish construction PA Israeli goodwill gesture

However, we have learned that our most vital ally, the US, is pressuring Israel to allow 700 PA security personnel to be deployed in Jenin; and for Israel to transfer sophisticated night vision goggles to the PA, in addition to allowing their receipt of 25 armored personnel carriers from Russia ('Israel mulls PA deployment of soldiers in Hebron, Tulkarm,' March 31).

Defense Minister Barak has openly acknowledged that Israeli lives and property might be endangered.
The unfortunate but factual history of several similar past gestures by Israel to the same PA is of such materiel being used in the maiming and killing of Israelis. These unrequited gestures are therefore completely unacceptable; and if Israel makes them it will be acting not merely in folly, but with criminal irresponsibility.

Petah Tikva

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