Friday, January 15, 2010

J.Post January 15: The Real Crisis in Israeli Prisons

Sir, - The State Comptroller's Report describes a number of horrid conditions that exist within IDF prisons, ranging from overloaded sewage and electrical systems to more sobering accounts of the mistreatment of imprisoned soldiers ('IDF prisons woefully inadequate, says State Comptroller Lindenstrauss,' January 14).

It should be obvious that there is no room or excuse for the degrading or humiliation of soldiers anywhere within the IDF.

However, what I found more distressing was the revelation that a third of the inmates were new immigrants, and that 80 percent of the Ethiopian soldiers who served a jail sentence would be back in prison at a later date. The appalling cost in human grief inherent in these statistics demands the immediate attention of all our social welfare agencies.

Petah Tikva