Tuesday, January 26, 2010

J.Post January 26: IDF Uniforms Made in China?!

Sir, - It was disturbing to read about Arad and yet another factory with hundreds of employees that is under threat of closure and of the consequences that will be borne by the far too many hapless families ("Is Motorola quitting Arad?" January 21).

A few weeks ago we heard about another plant that was closed in the North in favor of a manufacturer in China that would produce the items a bit more cheaply. The items in question, however, are the metal insignia for the uniforms of the IDF. I submit that this violates several of the core elements of the Zionist dream. (1) It borders on sacrilege to have the insignia of the Zionist state's uniform to be made outside our country. (2) The unemployment payments to the hundreds of dismissed employees will be several times greater than the difference in manufacturing costs. (3) The indifference to the fate of those who have lost their incomes is abhorrent in a Jewish state.

Perhaps a boycott by our soldiers of the uniforms bearing these offending insignia could win the approval of a wide consensus and serve as a wake-up call to all that are responsible for the well-being of our citizenry.

Petah Tikva