Wednesday, March 31, 2010

J.Post March 31: Israeli & Arab Mothers

Sir, - The hearts of all Israelis were filled with deep pain and shared sorrow upon learning of the death of two of our soldiers in combat with Palestinian gunmen near Khan Yunis (''No mother wants her son to die,'' March 28).

Miriam Peretz, who is now mourning the death of her second son, said, 'There is no mother, not on our side and not on theirs, who wants her son to die.'

This beautiful sentiment, filled with unfathomable grief, gives simple and eloquent expression to the concept of a common humanity and empathy felt by this heroic Jewish mother.

It is most unfortunate, however, that no equally gracious and compassionate statement is heard from the other side.

This is the essence of the Israeli-Arab conflict; all the rest is commentary.

Petah Tikva