Tuesday, August 10, 2010

J.Post Aug. 10: How Innocent is UNRWA?

Sir, - Behind the seemingly benign opinion piece by UNRWA's Chris Gunness ("Let Gaza's kids be kids," August 8), there lurks the less-than innocent role played by UNRWA in its relief activities there.

While admitting to a $100 million budgetary shortfall (where did those millions go?), Gunness chooses to ignore the deliberate destruction by Hamas of several summer camps for children built without its approval and prefers to blame Israel for the shortage of schools.

Gaza's children stand no chance of growing up to become useful and productive citizens as long as Hamas continues to raise and train them to become jihad terrorists.

Finally, I would like Gunness to consider the thousands of Israeli children who long for a bright future but are forced to constantly seek shelter from the rockets of Hamas.

Petah Tikva