Monday, May 16, 2011


Sir, - Perhaps the most recent event of gravest consequence for the State of Israel has been the declared reconciliation and union of the P.A.'s Fatah and the terrorist Hamas gang of Gaza. In reaction to this unholy and ominous alliance, the government of Israel decided to withhold the tax payments due to the P.A. out of the justified fear that the money would end up in the hands of Hamas.

In an easily overlooked news item appearing under the banner "News In Brief" we are informed through Steinitz that Israel may again give the tax funds to the P.A. without any elaboration as to what caused this bizarre reversal.

Among several appropriate measures for Israel to have undertaken in order to frustrate this perilous union, the witholding of the tax money seems to be the most effective without cost in lives or property. Other measures, like targeted assassinations, impeachment proceedings against Shimon Peres, or cutting the electricity supply to Gaza, while all are worthy, would undoubtedly invite more extensive world condemnation and involve Israel in an international imbroglio.

The citizens of Israel have the right to know what ugly pressures were brought by so called friends or enemies in order to force our retreat and the abandonment of this most sensible measure.

Petach Tikva