Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Agendas

Sir, - The president of BGU, Rivka Carmi, most ably provides us with a description of an ideal Israeli academic institution with great achievements in research, scientific publications, and free and open exchange of ideas. She does so in her article "Universities are in the footnotes." Unfortunately, reality intrudes on her portrayal and provides us with a not so bright picture, marred by the ugly and treasonable behavior of some of our academics. Their conduct outside and within the university are not at all confined to footnotes but they indeed supply the leading headlines to the media and to all those intent on Israel's de-legitimization. They are sought after not because of their scholarship, but precisely for their opinions damming Israel. They do great harm!

Rivka Carmi is being disingenuous when she accuses the monitoring groups of being motivated by a "clear political agenda" rather than a genuine love of Israel but then goes on to affirm her own agenda by describing the atmosphere in Israel as being inimical to her evidently favored pro-human rights groups.

Petach Tikva