Monday, June 13, 2011

The Road to Hell

Sir, - In her article, "Who we are and what we seek" Ann Ighe in a rather aggrieved tone attempts to enlighten us unperceptive and insensitive Israelis about the 'whys' of the participants in the upcoming flotilla to Gaza.

Ms. Ighe informs us that they are not bringing weapons and that they are not a "flotilla of hate." They are, however, sailing to "break the blockade" which she describes as impeding the rights of Gazans to trade, to travel, and to develop their society.

It should be noted that Ms. Ighe does not in any manner refer to the more serious and fashionable claim of a suffering population living in wretched despair. She is unable to do so since the International Red Cross has declared unequivocally the fact of there being no humanitarian crisis in Gaza!

I would now like to inform Ms. Ighe who is the holder of a PhD and should be capable of thinking non-superficially as to the 'whys' of Israel's blockade of Gaza. It is certainly not out of hate. It is because we are unabashedly pro-Life. The lives of our children are very precious to us, and they and their parents have suffered years of indiscriminate rocket and terror attacks in their schools and homes. The blockade is absolutely vital for the prevention of rockets, bombs, and all instruments of death from reaching these Hamas terrorists.

You, Ms. Ighe together with your fellow travelers, however, be they Moslem, Christian, or Jew, perhaps unwittingly, will be aiding and abetting in Murder!

Petach Tikva

[Image Credit: Free Gaza Movement]