Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sir, - Although difficult to discern from amidst his rantings, Larry Derfner's message finally emerges--and it is an extremely dangerous one.

Derfner declares "it looks like the Palestinian refugees and their descendants are going to keep coming at our  sovereign border with Syria" and "shooting unarmed Palestinians running at our borders will only bring more bravery of spirit, more Palestinian political momentum. For Israel it will just bring more 'tsunami.'"

When Derfner experiences a rational moment, I wonder if he can envision the magnitude of the tsunami that will devastate Israel if the IDF stood by watching while not hundreds, but tens of thousands of Derfner's innocents were permitted to invade our borders.
Although Derfner tries to give the impression that he is primarily concerned about the shooting of unarmed civilians (even after multiple warnings and only as a last resort) the quotes above give the distinct impression that he is in doubt about Israel's rights to sovereignty.

Petach Tikva