Tuesday, July 5, 2011

J.Post July 5: Knows What he Says

Sir, – Because of his background and years of experience as a top level adviser on the Middle East to President George W. Bush, Elliott Abrams is legitimately qualified to compare and provide insights as to the current behavior of President Barack Obama (“Abrams on Obama: He sees Israel as a problem that needs to be solved,” Diplomacy, July 1).

Abrams feels that Obama not only lacks sympathy for Israel’s plight, but “doesn’t get it fundamentally.”

Abrams explicitly indicates where Obama has favored Palestinian interests over those of Israel – the first being the president’s demand that negotiations be based on the untenable 1967 borders, the second leaving the Arab refugee issue open to negotiation.

Not only do I agree that both issues place Israel at a decided disadvantage, I think it important to point out that Obama’s callous disregard of widespread calls for the pardon of Jonathan Pollard reveals a lack of fundamental human sensitivity.

Petah Tikva