Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not Your Grandma: Grannies for Gaza

Sir, - Grannies for Gaza are not merely a pair of kindly, benign, misguided but well-meaning Grandmas, who were foolishly permitted entry into Israel.

These are two very dedicated activists who were completely committed to accomplish their goal of protesting against Israel. Though part of the original Flotilla that was stopped in Greece, their determination brought them to B.G. airport and to ultimately take part in an anti-Israel demonstration in Jerusalem.

What will be the message that they bring back to their Australian cohorts? Undoubtedly it will say, that their determined efforts managed to outsmart the not so clever Israelis. They will teach it diligently to their children, and perhaps the proud grandmas can enjoy watching their grandchildren grow into full fledged Israel haters!

Petach Tikva