Thursday, July 7, 2011

Safeguarding Democracy

Sir, - Possessing a formidable array of facts and a capability for in-depth analysis of events, Caroline Glick presents us with a most sobering, worrisome, and damning picture of anti-democratic forces working within Israel to undermine the elected government. She has the courage to mention names and to describe very disturbing details.

Glick calls our attention to two areas where these forces are most evident. The first was the intrigue involved in the elimination of Gen. Galant from serving as Chief of Staff and the second is the continued operation of the Task Force for Law Enforcement against Israelis in Judea and Samaria despite the fact that it was cancelled by the government in 1988 because of its being inherently dicriminatory. In both of these nefarious spheres, well-known people serving in high office are involved.

The above should be of concern to members of the entire political spectrum and a united effort must be quickly made to erase these travesties in order to safeguard our democratic way of life.

Petach Tikva