Friday, July 22, 2011

Unmitigated Bigotry: Ben-Meir & the "Israel Ghetto"

 Sir, - Although Alon Ben-Meir writes under the banner 'Above The Fray,' he now seems to be writing from the depths of the murky slime.

His article "Escaping the Israel ghetto" is permeated with an almost palpable animus towards Binyamin Netanyahu, whom he chooses to blame for all of Israel's ills while granting him no credit at all for any of its achievements.

In a most contemptible charge against Netanyahu, he accuses him of losing the right of claiming shared values with the United States. Oh, how our author must have cringed when Netanyahu received those standing ovations from both houses of the U.S. Congress, precisely because he was so convincingly and eloquently able to articulate those shared values.

Ben-Meir's unmitigated bigotry is also directed towards the religious, settlers, and apparently towards any group that takes pride in our country and its democratic institutions, and who are willing to vigorously defend its right to exist.

Petach Tikva