Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whose Values?

Sir, - I was surprised and disappointed by Gil Troy whom I respected as a fair-minded moderate, to be so verbally abusive of the book 'Torat Hamelech' and its author. This is especially so when the impression one gets is of Troy's reliance on the opinions of others and not having read the book himself.

I was also deeply troubled by Troy's unhesitant association with the group of national deprecators who use the words yeshiva and hooligans as if they were hyphenated. By doing so he joins the defamers of some of our best and most dedicated youth, who are committed to Israel's highest ideals of service to God and to the people of Israel.

I humbly suggest that he carefully read the article by Dr.Tzipora Pinner that was printed in the Post directly below his own.The author analyses the book chapter by chapter and draws reasoned and positive conclusions. Nowhere does she find any message of racism or incitement, but rather an attempt to set halachic parameters for the very vexing and complex issues that emerge during the time of war.

Petach Tikva