Friday, August 12, 2011

J.Post Magazine August 12: Imam Faisal Rauf on Jewish State

Sir, - Under the guise of a soft spoken and benign demeanor, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf manages to deliver an equable but unmistakably malevolent message.

He is quite adept in avoiding answers to questions on contemporary issues.When asked about applying sanctions against Iran, he adroitly states that he is in favor of combating radicalism by strengthening the voice of moderation and peace. He provides not the slightest hint about how to do that effectively, and is seemingly oblivious of the real immediate danger that a nuclear Iran presents to the world. He clearly chooses to ignore Iran's hostility to Israel and the calls for its elimination.

When questioned about the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, the Imam states quite cunningly, "Whether the State of Israel was Jewish or Islamic would be a less relevant issue in the future". I dare say that his Muslim ethos would never permit him to insinuate the same indifference if the question was about anyone of the many Muslim states?

Petach Tikva