Tuesday, August 30, 2011

J.Post August 30: Wrong Impressions

Sir, – After Adam Shay accurately analyzes the Fatah-PA attitude toward negotiations with Israel in clear and absolute terms (“Gridlock on the road to September," Comment & Features, August 28), he unfortunately presents us, perhaps inadvertently, with some misleading impressions.

Shay describes the Palestinian position by saying that “dialogue and ventures promoting coexistence are banned, and Palestinians may not partake in any such activities.” He then, however, continues by saying that “normalization between Israelis and Palestinians will only be possible after Israel unilaterally withdraws from the territories.”

The Palestinians have most forcefully demonstrated that the folly of a unilateral withdrawal, as took place in Gaza, not only does not lead to normalization, but continues to demand too high a price in Israeli lives and property.

Petah Tikva