Monday, August 1, 2011

Still in Exile? Ramadan in Jerusalem

Sir, - I read with considerable interest the article about the Ramadam fast and of its meaning and importance for the Muslim world.

Ramadan celebrations in Jerusalem's Old City
I was greatly dismayed however, to note the complete absence of any mention or referral to the fact that on the very same day, throughout the Jewish world, Rosh Chodesh Av was solemnized. The month of Av ushers in a period of remembrance, mourning, and commemoration for the loss of our Temple, the destruction of Jerusalem, the loss of our national independence, and the start of a period of two thousand years of exile that preceded our return to Zion. These are most significant events in our history and national identity and played a major role in keeping alive the dream of our national redemption.

In addition to my dismay, I was utterly disgusted to learn about the cancellation of the yearly march around the Gates of Jerusalem because of its clash with the Ramadam period.

Who are we? Are we still living in exile?

Petach Tikva      

[Image Credit: Wikimedia user Kmhad]