Friday, September 16, 2011

Height of Folly: Uri Savir on a Palestinian State

Sir, - Uri Savir, in an attempt to convince us to vote 'Yes' for a Palestinian state, offers us the same worn and feeble arguments that have been discredited multiple times by the continued treachery of the PLO.

He begins his pleading by describing the Arab rejection of the UN Partition Plan as a "grave historical mistake" and then at the close of his article he calls on Israel to rectify it. Both logic and prudence would demand that a mistake must be corrected by the party that made it.

Savir chooses to ignore the fact that the Arab rejection of partition was primarily a denial of Israel's right to any portion of the land. This has been the Arab contention until this very day which they assert by means of their continued terrorist activity and attempts to erase all historical or religious Jewish ties to our ancient home.

It would be the height of folly and a betrayal of our heritage for Israel to offer anything but a resounding 'No' at the forthcoming UN vote.

Petach Tikva