Monday, September 5, 2011

J.Post September 5: Who is he?

Sir, – Although I have full faith in Rabbi Menachem Froman’s sincerity and integrity, I nevertheless have serious misgivings about his naivete and presumptuous behavior (“Rabbi Froman meets Abbas, pledges support for UN bid,” September 2).

The rabbi should be aware of the significant differences between his meetings with clergymen of various faiths in order to try to establish a common theological basis for peace, and his pledging support to Abbas regarding the PA’s statehood bid at the UN. The first, while admirable, is merely an exercise in futility, while the latter is fraught with grave dangers to the State of Israel and the lives of its citizens.

Froman was neither elected nor chosen to grant support to a political act of this consequence.

One wonders whether, before he granted his blessing to Abbas, the rabbi was able to extract a commitment from him to recognize the State of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

Did he demand that Abbas stop naming public squares after terrorists or glorifying them in Palestinian textbooks? Did he in fact make any demands at all? Does his naivete blind him to the fact that the two don’t speak the same language, and that while Froman abhors terrorism because of its immorality, Abbas merely discards it as no longer being practical? This does not at all add honor to Froman in his own country.

Petah Tikva