Monday, September 26, 2011

National Soul-Searching: A Look at the Times

Sir, - The confluence of the High Holy-Days and the sobering events reported in today's paper caused me to reflect about the urgent need for serious soul-searching in regards to our national values and sense of purpose.

In reading about the heartbreaking tragedy of the death of father and son on the Kiryat Arbah road, one senses an initial interest of the police to declare them victims of a road accident. The police however, after intensive investigation and indisputable forensic evidence finally declared them to be victims of murder caused by rock-throwing terrorists. Was the initial police declaration a result of their reluctance to upset certain Defense sensibilities about the removal of checkpoints?

When reading in the News In Brief about the granting of the Rothschild tents permission to stay for the holiday despite all the injunctions against them, one cannot avoid a comparison of this sympathetic ruling with the unconscionably abusive and destructive behavior of those that literally destroyed the three homes in Migron at 2 a.m. and traumatized the families including mothers and a newborn infant. This was carried out as a military operation even though there were issues still under consideration in the Knesset.

Finally, in reading on the front page headline "Thousands celebrate Abbas's triumphant return to Ramallah" despite his completely lackluster performance and accomplishment, one is forced to envy the unity and support that they muster for their leaders. Compare this with the carping and vicious attacks made by several Knesset members against Netanyahu, despite the brilliant performance by the Israel delegation in dealing with a most critical issue.

Petach Tikva