Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ray Hanania Distorts the Reality

Sir, - The article by Ray Hanania was profoundly and grievously disappointing. The writer is a Christian Arab and Palestinian activist. Yet despite the fact that he resides in Israel and is an award-winning journalist, it is almost impossible to find a word of truth in his column. He is consistent in his distortion of -- and apparently feels totally free to falsify -- historical events.

He states his adoration for Arafat, who in all his public appearances before the U.N. and other organizations, insisted on being dressed in a military uniform with a pistol at his side. He is oblivious to all the acts of terrorism that were launched by Arafat during the first and second Intafadas. Hanania crudely attempts to morally equate PLO terrorist atrocities with Israel's defensive operations.

In the interests of integrity, he should ask himself if he knows of any Israel activity that was as depraved as the slaughter of the Fogel family, or the blowing up of buses and causing the deaths of totally innocent men, women, and children.

Petach Tikva