Monday, December 26, 2011

J.Post December 26: More on Friedman

Sir, – Gil Troy (“Sloppy but not self-hating,” Center Field, December 21) demeans himself with his attempt to defend the indefensible. He pleads that labeling Thomas L. Friedman as anti-Semitic or a self-hating Jew is simplistic and offensive.

What utter claptrap! Troy’s arguments are not only specious, but indeed simplistic and offensive.

[Both Caroline Glick as well as The Jerusalem Post editorial have amply delineated Friedman's anti-Israel and anti-semitic views. His malicious and gross attack upon Netanyahu's standing ovations in Congress, as having been bought by an all powerful Israel lobby is nothing short of an anti-Semitic obscenity.]

In truth I am not at all concerned whether Friedman is a self-hating Jew. I am, however, very much concerned about his apparent hatred for other Jews and the state we have built. His willingness to commit us to a return to the indefensible pre-1967 borders and other suicidal concessions in order to appease Palestinian aggression is completely unacceptable to the majority of Israel’s citizens and to its democratically elected government.

Petah Tikva