Thursday, January 19, 2012

J.Post January 19: Inept...and Loud

Sir, – We have now been informed of the increased concern in the IDF about the growing arsenal of anti-tank missiles and other malefic weaponry that has been smuggled into the hands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza (“IDF preparing for major Gaza operation within next few months,” January 17).

As an informed citizen but with no claim to expertise on security matters, I am greatly disturbed by the IDF’s apparent ineptitude.

The smuggling of serious weaponry into Gaza is not a new phenomenon. It has been known for several years, and today’s satellite technology enables the pin-pointing of these activities.

Why has it been permitted to continue? Why have the smuggling tunnels not been eradicated? Why did then-prime minister Ehud Olmert and the IDF leave most of the tunnels untouched and end Operation Cast Lead with shameful unfinished business? But if indeed there are positive answers to the above questions, why in Heaven’s name are we now informing the enemy in advance of a planned “major Gaza operation?”

Petah Tikva