Saturday, January 28, 2012

J.Post January 28: Situation in Egypt

Sir, – Nothing can better highlight the absurdity of US President Barack Obama’s policy toward the emerging government of Egypt than the front page of the January 26 Jerusalem Post.

In a sub-headline to your lead story, “Egyptians mass in Tahrir Square to mark revolution’s anniversary,” we read: “Obama plans to accelerate pace of American aid to new government.”

You then refer us to “Muslim Brotherhood repeats: No talks with Israel,” a related article on an inside page.

It appears that Obama’s plans are not at all contingent on what emerges from the very murky waters of Egypt’s attempts to define its post-revolutionary political direction. We are told by the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman that dialogue with Israel is “not up for discussion.”

It is quite likely that anti-America and anti-West orientations are not far behind.

Petah Tikva