Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad Choice: Ehud Olmert at J.Post Conference

Sir, - Several subscribers to The Jerusalem Post have shared with me their sense of shock and outrage upon learning that Ehud Olmert will be the keynote speaker at The Jerusalem Post New York Conference.

This inappropriate choice does violence to our moral compass and seems to defy all logic.Are we to conclude that some backroom nefarious deal is being hatched to avoid his conviction?

A man who stands accused of tainting with corruption every public office he has held, dare not be chosen to represent a serious newspaper and certainly not the citizens of Israel. Doing so denigrates Israel's entire judicial system that has after lengthy and thorough investigations, issued indictments against Olmert for a number of serious criminal offenses.

His peace proposals would reduce Israel to indefensible borders. His program for the division of Jerusalem, and the forced uprooting of 300,000 law-abiding Israelis presently living in Judea and Samaria would cause religious, social, and economic problems whose consequences cannot be foreseen.

Petach Tikva