Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Potpourri: Jews, Arabs....Sushi!

Sir, - While Ray Hanania claims to be an expert cook, he is certainly not an expert on culinary history.

It was the Jews who first invented sushi, and I am surprised that Ray who insists on telling us that he is married to a Jewish woman is not aware of this obvious truth. For many centuries Jews have welcomed and sanctified the Sabbath by reciting the 'Kiddush' at the Friday night festive meal. The Kiddush begins with the words"Yom Hasushi." There are however some Jews of Asian background who may insist on pronouncing the words as Yom Hashishi and that may explain his boorish oversight.

I offer the above to point with ridicule at Hanania's article which purports to deal with elements of cuisine but is offensively misdirected by him to accuse Israel of mistreatment of Arabs.

Petach Tikva