Wednesday, December 7, 2011

J.Post December 7: The Damn Table

Sir, – The appearance of Leon Panetta at the Saban Center in Washington (“Panetta on peace talks: We can’t get to the damn table,” December 4) provided a real life enactment of the legendary instructions added to the printed speech a speaker was about to deliver.

The notes appearing in the margins of the speech stated, “Here my argument is weak, so shout and pound the podium.”

Panetta’s emphatic repetition of “getting to the damn table” likewise served as a pathetic attempt to mask the anemia of his message.

In the face of the Islamic upheavals in our area and a totally recalcitrant Palestinian Authority, it is a patent absurdity to urge Israel to make concessions in order to “get to the table.”

Both the anti-Israel and anti-American nature of the regional developments demand a much more sober and formidable response to its very real dangers.

Petah Tikva