Wednesday, February 15, 2012

J.Post February 15: Prostitution - Yes, No

Sir, – Prostitution dates back to ancient times and although not encouraged, it was not frowned upon, and most certainly neither the practitioner nor her visitor was stigmatized as a criminal.

Both “Legislation to criminalize prostitution on its way after ministers back bill” (February 13) and “Stopping prostitution” (Editorial, February 15) rightly claim that the practice in our time has attracted a variety of associated negative elements. These are the low-lifes who are engaged in human trafficking and the degradation of women and children, and it is they who should be the objects of vigorous arrest and prosecution. Instead, the proposed legislation misdirects its focus and vehemence against those who contribute least to the sadism, greed and violence that dominate today’s reality.

The sad truth about the legislation is that it has very little chance of successfully accomplishing what it purports to do.

It will, however, succeed in diverting attention from the ugly criminal elements and even permit them to flourish, while the necessary protection against the exploitation and abuse of women will flounder under an avalanche of verbiage.

Petah Tikva