Monday, February 27, 2012

J.Post February 27: More on Tal Law

Sir, – The controversy regarding the Tal Law and its invalidation threatens to do violence against the unity of our society that is so vital for our security and survival.

The necessity for all citizens to contribute to their country’s well-being in equal measure should be beyond dispute.

There is a real problem, however, in being able to measure or quantify the contributions of the different segments of our nation. Which carry greater weight? Which are more dangerous? Which are most important in helping forge the type of social structure we all aspire to? While it behooves the Jewish state to recognize the role of Torah learning as a vital element in achieving that desired society, the yeshiva world must at the same time unbegrudgingly recognize the absolute importance of military service.

The hesder program of Torah study combined with army service provides an almost ideal vehicle for serving both God and country. It produces great achievement in Torah studies and some of the finest, idealistic and dedicated army officers.

Would it not be a wonderful solution to some of the dilemmas plaguing our country?

Petah Tikva