Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anti-Israel 'Second Front'

Sir, - While Israel and many western countries have expressed their most urgent concerns about the threat of a nuclear armed Iran, there exists a far more insidious 'second front' that seeks to undermine Israel's legitimacy and very existence. The oil rich Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia, have been pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars into American universities and 'buying' up departments of Middle East and Political Studies wherein they place their biased professors to teach and preach their anti-Israel doctrine.

This well planned program has already invaded some of America's most prestigious universities like Harvard, that in March is hosting a two-day conference on the "One State Solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the only featured speakers will be those who seek to deny Israel's legitimacy. This follows a $20 million gift by a Saudi prince.

It is known that Saudi Arabia is the most active exporter of "Wahabism" which stresses the most extreme anti-democratic tenets of Islam.


Petach Tikva