Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Democracy "Bulldozed"

Sir, - Jonathan Rosen frightens me! He appears to unabashedly call for the abandonment of fundamental democratic principles in order to 'seize the moment' in favor of a political agenda that enjoys his approval.

Not only does Rosen ignore the fact that a majority of the people chose Ariel Sharon predicated on his Likud platform, but he shamelessly praises him for the betrayal of that majority and of the manifest rejection by his party's membership of 'unilateral disengagement'. Sharon's adamant refusal to permit a vote by means of a national referendum sealed the fate of any hoped for democratic initiative.

Rosen now calls upon Netanyahu to embark on that same infelicitous path that resulted not only in a terrorist base in Gaza armed with deadly missiles, but with the shattered lives of the thousands of Gush Katif residents who to this very day have not found proper employment or housing.

Petach Tikva