Monday, February 20, 2012

Aaron Barak and the "Revolutionary" Court

Sir, - Former Minister of Justice, and Tel Aviv University professor of Law, Daniel Friedman, presents us with a most sobering picture of the problematic and questionable 'legal revolution' undergone by the nation's Supreme Court under Chief Justice Aaron Barak.

Friedman's most damning criticism is directed at the court for its intrusion into the sensitive areas of security and defense, when it even became involved in military affairs in the midst of ongoing operations. He also is highly critical of the Supreme Court's domination of judiciary appointments, that invited allegations of not being always based on merit. Recent attempts by Knesset Members to refocus the court's purview, so to make it more reflective of the will of the people, have been met by vehement accusations of their trying to undermine the pillars of democracy. However, based on Friedman's insightful observations it appears that they were attempting to restore democracy to its former pre-revolutionary, rightful place.

Petach Tikva