Wednesday, March 7, 2012

J.Post March 7: Disappointed Man

Sir, – In his thought-provoking article, Alon Ben-Meir demonstrates that he possesses the analytical skills to identify the players responsible for the turmoil now taking place in our part of the Middle East.

He is able to speak with political and moral certainty when describing the roles of Iran, Assad’s Syria, Turkey and Iraq, and is capable of clearly distinguishing between the forces of good and evil. With an absolute confidence in his own judgment he even prescribes the strategies that are necessary to ward off total chaos in our region.

One is compelled, therefore, to wonder why Ben-Meir cannot apply that same clarity of vision when focusing on the Israeli-Arab conflict.

It should be quite easy to see that Hamas is a terror organization that does not hesitate to fire missiles into Israeli population centers as a daily routine.

With the same ease, one must conclude that if the PA assiduously woos Hamas with the intent of unification despite the latter’s adamant refusal to recognize Israel, the PA is defiantly stating that it has no intention of negotiating.

Add to the above that PA President Mahmoud Abbas, the Holocaust denier, does not miss an opportunity to glorify terrorists and diffuse hatred for Israel throughout the PA’s educational system, and it should be quite simple to understand who are the good guys and who are the bad.

Petah Tikva