Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Appeal for Help: Trenton Out of Toilet Paper

Sir, - Although this is probably important, even of vital importance, to the citizens of Trenton, I found it quite difficult to comprehend the appearance in Thursday's paper of the article under the banner "Trenton New Jersey, may restock toilet paper". Of course the fact that you stress that Trenton is the capital of the third wealthiest U.S. state may add a dimension of gravity to this sordid item of information.

Taking into account that the article appeared exactly one week after Purim, which describes the miraculous transformation of a threatened calamity into a time of joy, I suspect that the beleaguered people of Trenton were, via the good offices of your paper, issuing an appeal for help.

I firmly believe, that just as we sent Israeli teams to disaster areas like Turkey, Haiti, and Japan, we can afford to do no less for the unfortunates of Trenton.

I am aware, however, that J Street is urging that no help be extended until sanctions have been given sufficient time to work.

Petach Tikva