Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baskin's Invented Palestinian Narrative

Sir, - Gershon Baskin in the 'The Palestinian Challengesucceeds in inventing the perfect narrative to accompany Newt Gingrich's "invented" people. His Palestinians 'see, hear,and speak no evil'. They are total innocents in all matters, and especially so when dealing with that arch villain, Israel. Baskin manages to exceed himself with this perverse one-sided description of the causes for the failure of reaching an agreement.

Permit me to remind him of some facts that have evidently escaped his rather selective memory: the Palestinian's demands and preconditions, while absolutely rejecting any need for concessions on their part; their unwillingness to recognize Israel as a Jewish state; their active encouragement of terror in their schools and Mosques; their rewarding acts of terror by public acclamation for terrorist 'heroes'; their attempts at unification with terrorist Hamas without demanding that Hamas renounce terror and recognize Israel; their 'invented' threats against El-Aqsa as an excuse for inciting mob violence; their denial of Israel's Kings, Prophets, Priests and Temples who were serving an active population long before the existence of any Palestinians. 

Petach Tikva