Monday, March 12, 2012

Them and Us: Israeli Reaction to Killing of Innocents

Sir, - It was with deep dismay, and almost disbelief, to have read page nine of the March 12, Jerusalem Post. Placed side by side, are stories of the butchery and massacre of innocent civilians. The headlines read as follows: 'Western forces in Afghanistan kill 16 civilians, including children', ' 13 dead in Pakistan funeral blast', 'Tears fill Congo mass funeral', 'Reprisal attacks follow suicide bombing at Nigerian church.'

Pure hatred, malice, and bigotry appear to be the underlying motive for all of these unprovoked atrocities. Compare the above with the tone of regret on the front page of that date, where we read: '40 projectiles hit Israel, '12 year-old killed in Gaza air strike,' 'Gantz cancels trip to U.S.' This I submit, clearly distinguishes our behavior, even in times of war, from that of those who wantonly shed the blood of others.

Petach Tikva