Friday, March 2, 2012

Unmasking the Unmasker: Savir on Israel's Leaders

Sir, - The one redeeming feature in the 'Unmasking our Leaders', the vitriolic litany provided by Uri Savir in his portrayal of Israel's current leadership, is the inclusion for his criticism of almost all the parties. Irrespective of their being on the Right or Left, Religious or Secular, Savir unmasks and exposes their ugly political and social 'warts'.

From Netanyahu, Livni, Yachamovitch, to Yair Lapid, Savir somewhat gleefully pours out his satirical venom, the basis of which appears to be the fact that their programs are not totally congruent with his own. The major failure of his article, however, is his failure to include his mentor Shimon Peres, who not only provided us with the debacle of Oslo, but did so by unlawfully meeting with the terrorist thugs. He was also knowingly complacent to the corruption of Arafat and the PLO, in their siphoning off millions from the Palestinian people, to Arafat's private account, and to Suha, his supposed wife. Uri Savir himself, should not be spared, having for decades been receiving a not small salary from the Peres Center for Peace, while a real, just, and secure peace continues to be further away than ever.

Petach Tikva