Sunday, April 8, 2012

J.Post April 8: Snake in the Grass

Sir, – Cultured and civilized societies are constantly being duped by the adage that states “The clothes make the man.”

What should be obvious to all thinking people is the fact that clothing merely portrays the outer appearance, which is often betrayed by the wearer’s character and personality.

[Some common examples of the above thesis are: Persons who don white outer jackets are not always competent physicians. There are those who wear the full 'haredi' uniform, who nevertheless do not hesitate to join with Israel's enemies and call for the downfall of the Jewish state. There are those who attend Ivy League universities and dress like earnest students or learned professors, who are capable of the most boorish and ugly behavior.There are those like Iran's Aminajed, who despite the fact that he does not wear a bone through his nose and dresses in western fashions, is nevertheless an ugly savage.

So too, is one who served in the SS and adorned with the mantel of the Nobel Prize which he proudly wears, is able to expound the vilest bigotry and racism.] 
Günter Grass proves that smoking a pipe, looking collegiate and being awarded a coveted honor does not in the least transform a Nazi into a decent human being.

Petah Tikva