Thursday, April 19, 2012

Benefit of the Doubt: The Eisner Affair

Screenshot captured from here
Sir, - I most heartily commend your editorial for lucidly and forcefully arguing the need for both Israel's political and military leadership to adopt a 'benefit of the doubt approach' when dealing with any confrontation between IDF soldiers and those who challenge our physical and political legitimacy. The necessity for a thorough, unbiased, unemotional, and apolitical investigation would seem to be obvious, but unfortunately it requires constant vigilance and backbone.

The haste to condemn an IDF officer who has served with distinction, on the basis of pictures, or testimony originating from hostile sources is not only utterly contemptible, but has often in the past been proven fraudulent and unreliable.

I also question the prejudicial use of the words "smash" or "bash" in describing the event that took place. Either smash or dash should have minimally resulted with the protestor having suffered a broken
nose, a chipped tooth, or a dislocated jaw and not the slight injuries claimed. Who knows if a proper  
investigation of the violence of the protestors and the injuries to the officer will not reveal that the protestor got off too lightly!
Petach Tikva