Wednesday, April 25, 2012

J.Post April 25: Spit in the Face

Sir, – [When a bully spits in the face of his weakly and defenseless victim, we may be inclined to be understanding if the intimidated victim claims that it must be raining. When however the victim is the sovereign State of Israel this obsequious behavior is not only totally shameful, but carries with it several serious, and sometimes, dangerous consequences.]

On the front page of The Jerusalem Post, (“Egypt terminates gas flow to Israel, stakeholder says,” April 23) we read that the Ampal-American Israel Corporation, which is a partner in operating the pipeline bringing natural gas from Egypt to Israel, has been notified by the Egyptian government that the “deal will be discontinued.”

This “spit in the face” and gross violation of the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement is quite clear and should leave no room for docile and spineless acceptance.

In recognition of the increasing power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the handwriting is clearly on the wall, and Israel cannot permit itself to engage in verbal equivocation as a substitute for firm action.

This must be protested and condemned in the United Nations, and the US Congress should be called upon to stop the aid program to Egypt in consequence of this blatant violation of the peace agreement.

[Since we know how and when to pray for rain, and to appreciate its blessings, we dare not confuse it with that which is malodorous and putrid.]

Petach Tikva

[Image retrieved from Wikimedia]