Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adler's Non-solution to PA-Israel Conflict

Sir, - In his desire to heap scorn on Martin Sherman, James Adler resorts to childish attempts at ridicule of Martin Sherman's unsurpassed ability to precisely and accurately describe the current political scene in Israel and the nature of the PA-Israel conflict.

While Adler insists on informing us that the Earth is indeed round, he fails completely to comprehend that the real questions revolve about the behavior and relationships of its inhabitants. He therefore feels he is able to pontificate and offer thoughtless and simplistic solutions to truly complex problems.

Martin Sherman possesses superb analytical ability which he fortifies with an abundance of facts and then presents his arguments with impeccable logic. Adler, it should be noted, while he mocks Sherman's linguistics, makes no attempt at all to deal with his arguments.

Adler's 'two state solution' has proven to be a non-starter. The facts are such, that the maximum that Israel can safely concede, does not begin to satisfy the Palestinian's minimum demands. Israel cannot afford to return to the 1947 borders without sacrificing the security of its citizens. Israel cannot afford to relinquish control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount without sacrificing its legitimate historical, and religious heritage. 

Petach Tikva