Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Insights from the Wannsee Conference

Sir, - The Wannsee Conference and its abominable adoption of the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" pose most basic and troubling questions for all who are seriously concerned about the meaning and direction of civilized society. The urgency of these questions is compounded when we are informed that the very memory of that conference is in doubt.

How is it possible for a group of rational and ostensibly civilized men, with deliberate, planned, and scientific malice aforethought, decide to exterminate millions of other human beings?

Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, among the most important philosophers and poets of 12th century Spain, provides us with a deeply profound challenge to our understanding. He warns us against being misled by Greek culture because "It has flowers but bears no fruit." Education that provides only knowledge without confluent values, is capable of creating vastly learned human monsters.

It is quite sobering to know, that more than half of those who attended the Wannsee Conference held PhD degrees.

Petach Tikva