Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zionist DNA? Not at Ben-Gurion University

Sir, - Rivka Carmi, President of Ben-Gurion University probably means well when she writes and titles her article, "Zionism is in our DNA." Carmi however fails to make a convincing case in support of her argument. She never reveals who is 'our' when offering her argument. It is unfortunately quite clear, that even among Israelis or Jews of the Diaspora, not all of them can be described as sharing that particular DNA component called Zionism. Among the most blatant possessors of an anti-Zionist, sometimes spilling over to anti-Semitic DNA composition, are some members of the Faculty at Ben-Gurion University. There are tenured lecturers and professors who openly call for not only academic boycotts of Israel, but also policies of divestment and political action designed to be inimical to the State of Israel and its citizens. Carmi attempts to support her thesis by describing the positive achievements of our young State, while at the same time almost pathetically suggesting that these anti-Zionists be left to continue with their perfidy.

Carmi is also seriously amiss when she states that both Zionism and science are both movements rooted in the rationalism of the 19th century. For myself and a great number of the Jewish people, Zionism began well over two thousand years ago when our traditions instilled in us the dream to return to the ancient Land of our Fathers. This truism is clearly echoed in the 'Hatikva' national anthem that expresses this ancient hope and dream, and became embedded in the DNA and hearts and minds of many of our people throughout the ages.

Petach Tikvah