Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fatah Treachery: P.A. Firing Salam Fayyad?

Sir, - Intelligent readers intent on seeking the truth, and capable of distinguishing between the wheat and the chaff regarding Israel-P.A. relations, should be seriously concerned about the headline "Fatah officials urge Abbas to replace Fayyad."

Salam Fayyad has been described many times by neutral experts as the'architect' of the state building institutions of the Palestinian Authority. He is the only one that enjoys the reputation of not only being professionally qualified, but who has also devoted his efforts to providing the P.A. with the basis of their claim of being ready for independent statehood. He is also one of a very few in the P.A. who is not known to be corrupt nor actively engaged in promoting the destruction of Israel.

Could the latter aforementioned factors be the reasons why Fatah who has always pointed at Fayyad with pride in his achievements, is now calling for his dismissal?

The dismissal of Salam Fayyad will surely provide another serious blow to any hoped for peaceful resolution of the conflict that plagues our area.

Petach Tikva

[Image Credit: WEF]