Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Haste in Judging: The Eisner Episode

Sir, - While the controversy about the Eisner episode continues, it seems to invite some rather dubious comments. An example of this appears in a letter to the editor of The Jerusalem Post of April 30th, under the banner "It just looks bad." The author criticizes Martin Sherman's requirement of the need to examine the provocation and the nature of the organization the protestors belonged to before condemning and dismissing a dedicated career officer who has served his country with distinction and heroism.

I unequivocally share Martin Sherman's opinion and am appalled by the words at the letter's end, "It doesn't much matter what the background of the story is. What matters are the graphic pictures the world saw. We can definitely do without this type of publicity."

The letter's author seems far less concerned and disturbed by what actually took place, than the fact that it just looks bad. In view of Israel's bitter experience with fraudulent pictures from hostile sources, the not wanting to know the full background of an event before passing judgment is highly problematic.

Petach Tikva