Thursday, May 3, 2012

Malice Aforethought: Diskin on Netanyahu & Barak

Sir, - I would like to register my disgust and share with others my revulsion, of both the content and manner of delivery of Yuval Diskin's declaration regarding Netanyahu and Barak.

I submit that Diskin's publicly issued infelicitous remarks concerning the leadership of our Prime Minister and of our Minister of Defense, did much more damage to Israel's reputation and stature in world opinion than the unfortunate picture of the IDF officer striking a protestor. Diskin does not limit himself only to express his highly opinionated disagreement with their policies regarding vital issues of state security, but loudly proclaims his personal contempt by describing them as being 'messianics' and therefore unfit for their leadership roles.

As the former head of the security services, his remarks unfortunately are given a great deal of credence, and does much violence against our common goals. When the well being of our State requires a sense of united purpose, no rational end is served by gratuitous remarks issued with malice.
Petach Tikva