Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nakba Law: Arab Free Speech in Israel

Sir, - I feel that I am compelled to express a fundamental disagreement to the way your "Nakba and freedom" editorial presents the issues involved in the controversy. By juxtaposing Israel's Nakba Law with the democratic rights of the Arab minority to freedom of expression, grossly distorts the concerns involved.

I believe that the vast majority of Israel's citizens would favorably accept a Nakba day commemoration if the Arabs adopted the bemoaning of their plight based on the concept of "Mipnei chataaynu galinu maiartzenu." However, Israel dare not and must not provide or permit them a platform, for the spread of hatred and perversions of the truth. The issue then is not at all, that of freedom of speech, but rather a declaration of war against all that Israel has achieved since its independence. Good and evil cannot exist in harmony. Historical truths cannot be tolerant of those who attempt to rewrite history based on lies and fiction.

We in Israel unfortunately, have never witnessed, nor in all probability will ever witness, a parallel Arab demonstration upholding the right of Israel to exist in peace with secure borders. Only when that comes about may we consider reevaluating our Nakba Law!

Petach Tikva

[Image Credit: PSP photos]